Apps such as Esquared help you to find exercise classes, and you can buy workout sessions through TruBeGETTY IMAGES

A library of almost 1,000 five-to-thirty-minute workouts, none of them requiring equipment, that can be filtered by duration, body part and goals. The emphasis is on body-weight exercises (think squats, push-ups and burpees), although running is an option. Even with the free version the choice is huge and the video tutorials are among the best I’ve seen. Peta Bee Free — you can upgrade to Freeletics Coach, a digital “personal trainer”, £54.99 for six months

Using this app is like letting your company’s finance department audit your diet. You key in your weight, log what you eat and how much exercise you do and Myfitnesspal will tell you when you’ve reached your calorie limit for the day. There are no cutesy Californian motivational epithets.…